About Us

Delhi Roam is a blog created with a purpose to provide every necessary information
about Delhi. If you are one of those who like to visit Delhi in a very frequent way, then
you will find lots of extraordinary information here. Whether it is about the historical place, museum, temples, and shopping markets. Even if you want to conquer your hunger,
there are many famous places in Delhi you should know before going there.
Delhi being the capital of our country counted amongst most visited and popular
destinations in India with its historical monuments, the Parliament House, India
Gate, Red Fort and many more. Apart from these places, there are many shopping
markets that you can try especially if you’re shopping lover.
Delhi, the nation’s capital is continually overflowing with extreme energy with political
and cultural happenings. It is a perfect blend of mix culture and traditions of the old and
modern India. The city has numerous monuments that are popular for architectural
brilliance and historic significance. There are many tourists come here from all over the
world to experience the incredible culture and traditions of our country.
Most of the people including these tourists are also looking excited about the history,
culture and architectural landmarks. We also like to travel and visit all these places
regularly to update our information. We are always passionate to gather and share such
knowledge about Delhi. There are varieties of segments on our blog through which you
can easily select the section which excites you more about Delhi.