Delhi Roam Beauty Hacks

Top 12 Quick Beauty Hacks

1. Red Lipstick For Concealing

Red lipstick helps to conceal under eye dark circles. Dab a little amount of red (or even orange works) lipstick under your eyes and then add a layer of concealer. Blend everything using a blending brush and it works effectively to conceal your dark circles well.

2. Green Tea Ice Cubes

Puffy eyes? Use green tea ice cubes to sit on your eyes for a few minutes. The cold surface will help in depuffing your tired eyes and pop out your eyes for a better look.

3. Eyelash Curler Hack

If you want better-curled lashes, then blow dry your eyelash curler for a few seconds, and then use it for your lashes. It is more long-lasting and makes your lashes curler apparently.

4. Fix Those Oily Hair

Your hair is flat, oily and messy. You don’t have time to wash it either and you need to rush for the meeting. Don’t worry. Dust a small amount of talcum powder on your scalp and massage it. The oil is absorbed and voila, now the tresses are flowy and bouncy.

5. Egg White Mask To Tighten Pores

Just crack two eggs, discarding the yolk. Spread the white onto your face and neck and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Wash it off and see the difference for yourself.

6. Nail Polish Hack

If you want to dry your polish faster, all you have to do is apply nail polish and dip your fingers into ice cold water. Touch it after a few seconds and you’ll see that the coat of nail polish has dried.

7. Ace The Cat-Eye Look

I love the look of a cat eye but have the hardest time getting both sides to look the same. By using a business card as a guide, it’s easy to get it right. It takes a little practice to figure out how to line it up correctly, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a total snap.

8. Aloe Vera Hack

Suddenly ran out of your primer. Don’t worry!! You can use aloe vera gel as it works as a primer and help in minimizing the pores.

9. To Remove Makeup

Use an oil-based lotion or a simple hair oil. Dab some on your skin and then wipe it all off with some cotton. It removes the makeup instantly. No need to buy an expensive makeup remover or scrub your face with excessive water.

10. Dry Your Brushes Correctly

If you find that your brushes’ bristles lose their shape after you wash them, tie them to a shower rod with hair elastics. Drying makeup brushes on a flat surface can change the shape of the bristles and extend the drying time. Hang them up from now on!

11. Mascara hack

If you want more volume on your eyelashes, then alternate the application of mascara along with a brow brush containing some cotton. Repeat till you are satisfied. Your lashes will instantly get more volume.

12. An easy way to up the pigment

If you want the pigment in your eyeshadow to pop, add a little bit of primer to the powder. It’s like DIYing your own gel eyeshadow.


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