Khooni Darwaza also known as Lal Darwaza was built by Emperor Shah Suri in 1540s. For a long time, it continued to be known by that name but it was during and after the reign of Jahangir that this gate became the center of a series of cruel and unfortunate occasions which earned it its current and most famous name of Khooni Darwaza.

•Location: Mathura Road | Near Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi 110002, India


A ghostly woman wrapped in a white saree asking for a lift and when denied so, following the car with a same speed of the car is said that the lady whom you see calling for a lift or something in pristine white racing abreast your vehicle, has died in car accident in that area many years ago. Drivers happen to have nightmares if they come across such figure in this lonely street. So if you are daring enough to challenge the place just visit it. It is, therefore, this is the most spooky and haunted place in Delhi-NCR region.

• Location: Delhi Cantonment Area.


Khooni Nadi or the Bloody River in Rohini is closed to be among the most haunted places in Delhi. It is said that the flow tries to pull in, whoever enters and that many have lost their lives here. While the lives lost here have regularly been thought to be mishaps and suicides, some of the cases remain mysterious. If you’re ‘lucky’ or rather unlucky, other spooky sounds near the river.

•Location: Rohini, Delhi


As the legend or myth or superstition (or whatever it is) goes, a woman has been seen by several people on the road that goes through the forest. She appears at night and can be seen walking through the forest, or sitting alongside the road or asking people for lift. Some people even claimed that she ran after their motorcycles when they did not stop. The spooky part, however, is that she disappears without a trace if you stopped. Some bikers say that she was standing in the middle of the road and they just rode through her clean. The best one, however, is the claim of her sitting in the trees. Per the lore, as you walk on the road through the forest, you will notice her sitting up in a tree; staring at you with her cold and dead eyes.

• Location: Near Vasant Kunj, Delhi


Creepiest of all the spooky places in Delhi, this Baoli is claimed to be a residence of evils. Once filled with dark mystical water who tricked individuals to confer suicide in it by suffocating, this 104 level advance well gives you crawl the further you plunge the means. You may feel the nearness of different creatures or some unaccounted noises around you.

• Location: Hailey Road, Near Diwanchand Imaging Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi.


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